I feel happy…

January 2012

because of many things.

Like how I am at home alone at 6.21pm, able to blog because E is at work and Baby Ryan is with my Dad at the park. Yes, my dad is Ryan’s new playmate. He cycles Ryan to the Pasir Ris every evening. They will cycle off to the playground to watch little children play and possibly visit the horses at the stable in the park. It is their time and Ryan especially looks forward to evenings. Often I see him throwing his whole body towards my dad.

Another reason to be happy about would be that we have officially moved to Pasir Ris, just 1 minute drive from my mother’s place and a 5 minute bicycle ride to the seaside. It is just plain awesome.Because I get to stay near my family(yes, I am super sticky to my family). Because we no longer have to travel 2x 35 minutes in a car with a screaming/wailing baby. This just means a happier Baby Ryan and a more rested us.

Thirdly, I love my new house. Yes, I know I have told almost everyone how I love my humble abode at Telok Kurau, how cosy the place is, how fond my memories are of that home because E and I had to do everything up from scratch with very limited budget, how I will miss the vibrant neighbourhood with all the awesome food and my favourite I12katong. Now that I have been staying in Bluewaters for my 3rd day, my verdict would be, it is a good change for our family. 🙂 My new place is bigger(but of course, not as big like those people who lives in landed properties or penthouses or anything similar), but it is sufficient for now. I recall how I had reservations of my Bluwaters place especially on the space issue- bomb shelter too big, balcony took up too much space, master bedroom too small… However, after moving in, it seems like everything worked out nicely. Like how the bomb shelter is a good store room since we apparently have wayyy too many things. Our balcony, now decked up looks fabulous with the outdoor furniture- can imagine how we will have many nights chilling out there. The bay windows which were thought to be a waste of space had storage cupboards built on them, so it is not so bad after all.

Anyways, we have been sleeping without air con for the past 3 nights and it is great. The night wind is chilly enough for us, and we wake up to really crisp fresh air. This is one factor that beats Telok Kurau home hands down. 🙂

E and I just collected Baby Ryan’s photos that we took at some Baby Spa’s studio. Well, it was free. We took the photos in December and trust me, it was really tough. Ryan was really uncooperative. Other babies took 45 minutes to 1 hour for their photo shoot. Ryan took 2 hours. (-_-)”’ The happy part of this story is that the photos turned out not as bad as we imagined it to be. Here’s one of the 12 pictures of my darling boy. Anyways, we will be bringing Ryan for another photo shoot in February by Sean Lau. Let’s see how that will turn out…

Talking about Baby Spa, Ryan went for two swimming contests in the month of December. He did pretty well for the first time- no tears and was quite active for the entire duration. Hence, he got into the Grand Finals. Unfortunately, in the Grand Finals against 15 other babies, he was competing against much older babies and he was less interactive during the contest. So, he ended up with consolation prize along with the other 10 babies.

Another good news is that I am officially 50kg! I am making wayyy slower progress than what I wanted myself to. But still, I am looking forward to me losing more weight and finally being 48kg first followed by 45kg. Yes, I am standing at 1.58cm. I am expecting something that is of healthy range for my height.

Next up, Chinese New Year is around the corner. I love steamboat and all the yummy goodies. The only part that I do not look forward to is being overly tired after all the festivities. *sigh* It will be Ryan’s first CNY and I hope it will be wonderful and memorable for him. 🙂

Okie dokes… that’s about it for a blog post. Really busy. Waiting for E to return home with my dinner now. Later!~



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