January 2012

This is a long over due post on our new place.
Here are some photos of my new place.


On the 13th of January, E had to take time off to ensure the decking of our balcony and cleaning of the house was done properly. E hired the professional cleaners to clean every nook and cranny at $300 for a day. I suppose it was money well-paid because the house was really dusty after the decking…

Our decked up balcony with outdoor furniture from Barang Barang.
This area and “balcony lifestyle” thing is very much E’s pride and joy.
He is still trying to convince me to get a grill for the place…depiste me rejecting his idea for the 10000th time. 

For the living room, it looks pretty much the same as how we have bought it except for the wallpaper which is supposed to look 3 dimensional. Heehee. Not sure if you can see it from the photos.

Here’s our dining area and kitchen.

Our initial plan was to have our dining area in the balcony and that the dining area in the house was meant for Ryan’s play area. Hence,we had to ensure that the dining table and chairs were to be of outdoor material. In the end, after we moved it, they ended up being in the dining area of our house and Ryan’s play area is still non existent. We will have to figure something out eventually….

This is the entertainment room of our house. Basically, it has like everything that we left from Telok Kurau- the daybed, the book shelf, coffee table, sound system, tatami sofa and all. (I managed the sell off the rest of the furniture. Thankfully!) Heehee. It is quite a cosy place for either one of us to just chillax during the weekends, listening to music, reading the a good book and all.

This is the “plus one” of our house- E’s small but very adequate study.
Ironically, this is where he spends most of his time when he is at home.

Our common toilet. This is one of the cleanest place in our home because we hardly use the common toilet. Our cleaning lady told us to just use one toilet and not touch the other two so that she will not need to spend too much time cleaning the toilets when she comes over to clean.

This is Ryan’s bedroom, fitted with a queen sized bed so that I can sleep over with him occasionally. As you can see from the picture, we also pasted farm animals stickers on the wall so that it looks more baby-friendly.

This is the master bedroom and our master bathroom. The bedroom is much smaller than our Telok Kurau’s room but it is adequate. I love our new bathroom, it has the best rainshower ever and it is also fitted with a huge bath tub. Heehee. I know how some people think a bath tub is a waste of space and water. I was one of those people with such opinions too… but now, I think it is really nice to be able to pamper oneself with a nice, long bubble bath weekly.


We moved in on the 14th of January and according to Chinese tradition, we had to bring along the 柴米油鹽 (tea leaves, oranges, and what not) for good luck. Thankfully, we got the help of E’s parents in the moving and my parents to care for Baby Ryan while we were unpacking the things in the new place.

So, what you see on the above picture are disposables used for our first dinner at Bluwaters. Since then, we have received and bought really nice dishwares from Corelle and cutlery from WMF. Heehee. Cannot wait to use them and will update on the blog soon!



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