I havent been really keen to blog these days. In fact, I feel guilty during those times I spent blogging. I feel that is time stolen away from my dear Ryan. Anyways, here’s an entry for Ryan’s first birthday because E(my biggest blog fan) feels that Ryan’s 1st birthday deserves a blog entry at least. And that he loves reading my blog.


7th April 2012

We celebrated Ryan’s birthday over the Easter weekend. In the morning, we headed to my mother’s place. My parents had prepared two huge chicken drumsticks for Ryan, hard boiled eggs and mee sua for his breakfast. According to Chinese tradition, the child should eat chicken drumsticks because it symbolises that the child will always have food to eat in the future. Ryan was extremely delighted savouring his breakfast, something really different from the fish porridge that he usually have.

The bunch of bananas was placed in the picture because Ryan loves to eat bananas and the bottle of $1 coins is what my mother gave Ryan for his first birthday.


Here’s a picture of my sweetheart at his birthday party in the evening. His birthday clothes and shoes from Chateau de sable are birthday presents from E’s parents.

Baby Ryan’s 1st birthday was celebrated at 5 Drunken Rabbits. The reason of finally deciding on that venue was because it was close to home and hence Ryan will not be spending too much time travelling up and down his birthday venue and that the name of the restaurant suits our birthday theme on bunnies. The birthday theme was Bunnies because Ryan is born in the year of Rabbit.

Here’s how his birthday invite looked like. It was designed by Eric, one of the owners of the bistro. Because technology is really advanced these days, we sent this invite via Facebook and Whatsapp to most of the attendees.


This is how the venue looks like. It is a new establishment at Pasir Ris Park. So, the place looks really new. I like how the owner- Eric is very flexible with our menu choices for the buffet. He has also provided service staff to assist my guest and my guests were using ceramic plates and proper cutlery(instead of plastic plates, forks and spoons) during the birthday party. My guests were very impressed with the quality of food and the carbonara was just awesome! (Sadly, I did not manage to eat much at all because I was just so busy with my lil’ prince!)


You can see the birthdays balloons and decorations that we bought for Ryan. We bought the helium balloons from Balloon Baron and the birthday decorations(banners, streamers) are from Adam and Eve at Lavender.

Got to really thank E for being the planner of the party. He is always very efficient with all these matters. Even though he was unwell during Ryan’s birthday, he still ensured planning and execution of everything went well. Love you, Mister E!


Birthday Party Moments.

Because the theme was on bunnies, we bought rabbit ears headbands from Daiso! And our guests had to wear the rabbit ears to take photos with our baby bunny! Everyone were very sporting on that day.

Our guests writing messages to Ryan for his first birthday. This time capsule idea was from E and it is really fun! Some of them have really interesting messages of which I think Ryan will have a good time reading the, when he turns 21!

There is this Chinese tradition of letting the baby choose their occupation on their first birthday. According to scholars, the history of the grabbing game can be traced back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties (AD 386-589). The jolly little bundles on their very first birthday are usually to be subjected to their first multiple-choice test-the grabbing game. On the occasion of their child’s first birthday, after enjoying a sumptuous feast, the bubbling baby’s parents and relatives place an assortment of articles on the table for the child to choose from as a test of his or her inclinations and capabilities in later life.

Guess what did Ryan choose among the choices of a soccer ball, stethoscope, calculator and ebook? The calculator! I suppose he wants to be an accountant, or he really love numbers or he just like the look of a calculator. Ryan looks like he just won first prize! And if you want to know, his first choice was the calculator, followed by the ebook. He refuses to decide between the soccer ball and the stethoscope. Boohoo! (There goes my dream of getting Ryan to be a doctor! And unfortunately for E, Ryan will not be a professional soccer player too! Heehee.) So, Ryan is possibly following his footsteps of his Uncle Leon to study accounting and be an accountant.

By 7ish, the bistro was packed!

The birthday boy was mighty pleased with his first birthday party. There were so many people entertaining the little prince, taking pictures with him. Ryan was quite happy because he also had his first taste of soda on his birthday party. (I know. Bad Mummy!)

Sometimes, he was overwhelmed with all that was happening and all the attention.

All is good when he starts watching the soccer match on television. The next few pictures will be a series of his facial expressions while he was watching the soccer match at the bistro.

Then, there is the birthday cake moment. Ryan’s 3kg chocolate birthday cake is from some Pasir Ris neighbourhood bakery. Nothing fanciful(ala the popular three/two tired fondant cakes that are all over the internet) except I was the one who drafted a picture of what I wanted to see on the cake and passed it to the baker. Heehee. I am not exactly the artist but still, hey! I tried!

Everyone singing Ryan Yap his birthday song in English and Chinese. I can never forget how happy he looked!

Just look at his beautiful smile!

Birthday boy with his second birthday cake, a gift from the restaurant!

Daddy and his boy.

This is what Daddy has to say to you… In fact, we had a video done on his first birthday to let him look back on this special day.

The after party… Ryan(with his grey vest off) and his gifts. Not exactly alot of gifts but he manage to increase his savings at OCBC Bank. Thank you to everyone who has attended his birthday, bearing well wishes, gifts and red packets. Ryan is blessed to have your love on his first birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Ryan!
God loves you.
The world loves you!



8 thoughts on “One

  1. Meryl says:

    Happy birthday to your baby boy 🙂
    You are such a cute mama. Please don’t stop writting, i love to read about family life. It’s heart warming to read a post about family.

  2. kimmielalala says:

    give me inspiration! i m celebrating my boy’s birthday at multipurpose hall, dont how to decorate it….arghhhhh, he is also born in the year of rabbit…

    update your blog soon, and happy belated birthday to your boy.

    • eugenemay says:

      hello! when is your baby’s birthday? you can come up with a theme and stick to it- i have friends having nautical theme, sesame street and so on. so just brainstorm a nice theme and go shopping for all the party stuff! have fun party planning!

  3. kimmielalala says:

    interesting! i booked multipurpose hall to celebrate my boy’s birthday in coming May, but dont know how should i organise the headache!!

    update your blog soon! happy belated birthday to ur boy

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