Ryan’s 1st Birthday Videography

7th April 2012

C.reateS Studio did a fantastic job in capturing Ryan’s first birthday. We got C.reateS Studio(the person I liaised with is Colin Huang) to do photography and videography for Ryan’s birthday party. If you ask me, I feel that it is money well spent because I do not need to go around the party with a camera and getting someone to help me shoot the photos. Instead, E and I could go around the party, mingling with our guests, ensuring that the party activities are going on smoothly according to the plan and that Ryan is in the best mood.

The good people at C.reateS Studio might be young but they are very professional. Their youth is an added advantage because they were very enthusiastic on job and were very responsive to ideas.  On that day, they came in a team of 3(Colin, Serene and Hardi)- they arrived at 5ish in the evening and only finished up their work around 10. The completion of the photos took about 1 week while the video took about 2 weeks. My family, E and I are extremely pleased with the video that you can see above. Please click on the “Like” button on Youtube if you think the video deserves it!

If you are interested, below are the quotations that Colin gave me:
Photography – $140 for 1st 2 hour, $50 for every hour thereafter
Videography express cut – $200 for for 1st 2 hour, $50 for every hour thereafter
Concept MV/short film – $600 to $1000 depending on length and visual effects
Design services:
Caricature: Simple sketch – $20, colored sketch – $50, full colored – $100
Design posters (depends on project)



2 thoughts on “Ryan’s 1st Birthday Videography

  1. Colin Huang says:

    Hi May!
    One of serene’s friend is a follower of your blog and she told us about your post 🙂 Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity. You are a great mum! Thanks for everything 🙂
    All the best to you, your husband and of course Ryan!

    • eugenemay says:

      hey colin! no problem! we love your videography and photography services! will definitely get you guys when we need your company’s services!

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