My Mother

May 2012

I have the world’s most awesome mother.
She always has been there for all of us all the time.

She was by my bedside with me, rubbing Vicks on my back, listening to my breathing when I was young and had asthma attacks. Once when I was around 6 years old, she had to piggy back me to the clinic in the middle of the night when the asthma acted up and there was no cab in sight. She was there for me when I did not do well for my PSLE and also there to witness when I finally graduated from SMU. She was there, busy helping me with the wedding preparations when I got married. She was also there, helping me during the confinement month after Ryan was born. Her love for the family is unconditional. No matter how exhausted she is, she will make sure we are settled before she rests.

She was and is always a very “involved” mother. I am thankful to my Dad that my mother can be a “stay at home mother” for all of us. Because of this, my siblings and I are very close to her. She wakes up earlier than all of us in the morning to prepare breakfast. When we get home from school, delicious lunch is always waiting for us. When it is the examination period, she will also ensure that we get our warm Milo drinks at night and Chicken Essence in the morning. She listens to our school and work problems, encourages us when we are down and shares with us(especially me) snippets of her “auntie” life.

My mother is a very simple woman. She always tells me that all that is important to her is the health and safety of her loved ones. Unlike me who loves what the material world has to offer, she is at peace and contented with what she has. She is never one who needs or wants branded items. In fact, we literally had to force her to get a new Prada bag last year. Perhaps it is because she is a SAHM, she realises that unnecessary expenditure(be it facial packages, cosmetics, jewellery) for herself will be a drain on our family funds. She seldom gets new clothes for herself and even when she does, it is only after much hesitation. It is because of her selfless nature abduction dedication of our family, my dad and the rest of us get a better standard of living.

She is also the star of the family because of her jovial and thoughtful nature. Her joy is very infectious. While she can be rather shy with strangers, she has different personality when she is with family members. I look forward to evenings with her and Ryan because she always have something interesting to share with me. She is also a loving daughter to her parents and is a wonderful sister to all her brothers. You can definitely count on her to bring people together for gathering!!!

My mother is the best chef in the world. I love anything and everything that goes out of her kitchen. Eating the food that she cooks is major comfort for me when I am down. Even the simple Maggie noodles that she prepares is magically yummy- generous with all the fresh ingredients. When I ask her for recipes, she will say there is none. She cooks and prepares food according to her instincts. There is no 1 teaspoon of this or that. Her instructions will be like you can put some of this and a little bit of that.

Even now, she is helping E and myself to care for Baby Ryan. It is not an easy job handling an active baby but she does it so well. My mother always ensures that Ryan’s porridge contains the best ingredients. She spends time with Ryan- teaching him new words and things and bringing him out to the parks and supermarket. Not only she has to care for our son, she also cooks dinner for E and me. I am so blessed to have her loving and caring for my new family.

So to my dear Mummy, Happy Mother’s Day! We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. I hope that one day, I will be able to be such an awesome mother like you. We love you alot. xx



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