Playdate with Baby Faith

June 2012





Lunch with Mummy Eunice before we head off to The Petit Park(Changi City Point) for our little ones to play and interact.

Paid $16 for unlimited play time for weekdays. This indoor playground is not as big as Kids Explorer at Downtown East but it is adequate. As usual, there is the ball pit, the swing, tunnel… I like the pretend play area the most. There are plenty of toys(jig jaws, stove, musical instruments…) at the pretend play area and it provides good opportunity to show and let Ryan play with the different types of fruits and vegetables.

After the kiddos played to their fill and fell asleep, we went to Starbucks for coffee. Nice….until Ryan woke up and insisted that we return home for his dinner.



4 thoughts on “Playdate with Baby Faith

  1. Jen says:

    Are these indoor playground safe? Would there be virus of all kinds? My son who is 13.5 months old love to put all things that he came across in his mouth…..

    • eugenemay says:

      hello! well, i think they should be quite safe. i assume that the playgrounds will do their sterilisation every night…. well, Ryan also likes to put stuff in his mouth all the time… so when he does that I just tell him not to repeatedly… hope this helps!

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