Sing Kids Play System at Changi Terminal 3

May 2012

It was a Saturday when we did not know where we should go to. Town was out because it was too crowded. Tampines  and White Sands were too boring. Parking can be really challenging at some malls during the weekends.

We ended up at Changi Airport Terminal 3 because there would be enough parking spaces, the terminal is air conditioned and it will not be as crowded as many shopping malls because there are not as many stores.

We were walking around Terminal 3 aimlessly with Ryan when we stumbled upon Sing Kids and we decided to let Ryan try out an hour of play there.



Ryan in his favourite ball pit. He can some quite some time( about 10 minutes) in the pit playing all by himself!


Here is Ryan on the trampoline filled with water.I suppose filling it with water compared to air makes it safer for kids.



Ryan enjoys being in the area of floating balls as well. It is something new for us as the only other indoor playground me tried before May 2012 has only been Kids Explorer and Peekaboo. The thing is that the it becomes quite boring after some time as the play area was quite small and not many of the items were for a 13 months baby.

Ok. Out!~



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