Water Playground at Tampines 1.

June 2012

This June holidays has been nothing but awesome. Spent a lot of time with Ryan and my family. Because I usually spend quite a huge amount of time at work, I always end up feeling extremely guilty about neglecting Ryan and just leaving him in the care of my Mummy. Yes, my Mummy is  great care giver but I really wish I can spend more time with my son…

Anyhoots, I brought Baby Ryan to the water playground at Tampines  1 again. This time round, we were there later and the playground was crowded with toddlers and primary school kids. I suppose this is a popular place for many parents in the East. First, it is free. Second, there are quite a few fun water grounds for the kids to play on. It is also animal themed so while playing you can teach your child what is a polar bear, hippoportamaus and so on. My take would be to head there early because it cab really get scorching hot at around 11ish.







Thank goodness for that Kimberly was around with us this time round.She played with Ryan while I slacked away in the sun. I used to think that my huge age difference with Kimberly(10 years, to be exact) meant that we would not be as close as sisters whose age difference are smaller. Well, guess not! We share clothes as well! No. I am kidding. 😛 She has better fashion sense than me… Heehee. She is a great help for me. She reads to Ryan his favourite book everyday. She plays the piano for him. She sings to him. So, now, you understand how she is invaluable to Ryan and me.


Here’s Mama and Ryan on the carousel. Quite a nice picture eh. We shopped around and had our lunch  at Tampines Mall for a while after the water play.

Ryan and I will be looking forward to our next water play session with Daddy soon!



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