Father’s Day 2012

June 2012

Unlike many families who have headed or are heading overseas, we are homebound for this month. Well, we have not done any sort of travelling after the birth of Ryan since I am quite a worrier. This year, we decided that we will start small before going off to further destinations with our lil’ prince. Our first baby step will start off at Mandarin Orchard. It is a 2 day 1 night stay at Mandarin, which includes lunch at Chatterbox, buffet breakfast at Triple 3 and a full day of carpark redemption that we purchased from Groupon. (Yes, I am quite a Groupon Queen!) I bought this whole package for $350, and I think it is really quite a steal!

This happens to be a Father’s Day gift from Ryan and me to Mister E!
Happy Father’s Day, E! Thank you for everything- from bringing the bacon home, to changing Ryan’s soiled diapers, to listening to your wife’s boring tales every night. We love you so so so much! Ever since I met you, my life has been nothing up exciting. In fact, there will almost be some drama or dramatic expenditure(hahaha) every month! And, I love it!

BTW, I am holding you to your 5 year promise! (And this is the 3rd year! No?)


Us, ready to leaving our home.
And Ryan looks so so so happy in this picture. *laughs*

Enjoying the huge bed.

This is our first time at Chatterbox despite the fact that E is a great chicken rice lover. Well, the verdict for the much raved bout chicken rice would stand true. The chicken rice is THAT awesome. Ryan likes it as well! Heehee.

My boys and Mr. Monopoly!


Baby Ryan fell asleep while we were shopping. So, E and I decided to have some quiet time at a cafe. Walked past Paul Bakery and we decided to have our tea there. And we were pleasantly surprised by the food quality. For the first time, I actually tasted macaroons(green tea one especially) that are pleasing to my taste buds.

Love love!



Swim time!


Dinner was settled at Takashimaya using our many many vouchers given by friends. Heehee. We “ta-baoed” back and ate while watching SpiderMan. We were obviously too hungry to even snap a picture of our dinner. Heehee.


As usual, both of us were awakened by Baby Ryan.


This is a beautiful picture of my sonny(Ryan) and baby(E, that is. He will always be my baby).



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