2nd Wedding Anniversary

19 June 2012

Surprise dinner was at Ao-Chan! I actually thought E would bring me to somewhere expensive and pretentious because he was going on and on about some chic restaurant that I do not think would rate highly in terms of food quality. (I do not really want a repeat of 2011 anniversary…)

So yay! Dinner was yakiniku. I love my beef. Anyway, it is my first time eating raw beef and I am so glad that it was at Ao Chan. The raw beef was just awesome! AWE-SOME! The meal was so awesome that after we finished our first order of meat, we had to order another plate of beefy goodness. Just looking at the pictures now make me salivate!

I love the place so much that I will be making E treat me to dinner there more often! ❤


And of course, E bought me something for our anniversary. Definitely not as expensive as before… Boohoo! But at least they are things that I need to replace my old Cath Kidson sling and Coach purse. Anyhoots, thank you, Mister E! They will come in useful for our trip in Bali!


This picture is taken on our wedding day.
It is one of my favourite pictures taken that night.

You know how E promised me a set of promises 2 years ago,
I am really thankful how he is still standing by them.

If you are wondering, here are the 10 promises:

I, Eugene Yap promise to:

1. Remember that I am your husband and that I love you. I will be kind to you.

2. Never belittle you in any way, nor will I attack people who are dear to you.

3. Apologise more often, even if the hurt was unintentional. I know that since we are different people, it will be impossible not to hurt you at times. I will take the responsibilty of, say ‘I am sorry,’ and not accuse you of being overly sensitive.

4. Focus more often on your strengths and your positives and try not to nit pick/

5. Not tell you what your feelings are; they belong to you. I will trust with my feelings. I allow myself to be vulnerable at times, even when this is difficult.

6. Never underestimate the power of small gestures, the special smile, the note, the small gift, the loving word.

7. Treat you with respect at all times. My actions, tone of voice, facial gestures and words will all reflect this solemn commitment.

8. Make our marriage a priority. I will find some time everyday to spend with you alone.

9. Not use silence as a weapon. I will tell you that you hurt me. I will not bury it, making believe it is okay. I will take courage in my hands to talk to you.

10. Smile more and laugh more with you. Even when I am tired, so tired and overwhelmed by work and pressure, I will look to laugh with you.

I love you, Mister E!



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