Our first trip to the Zoo!

I am sure clearing my older blog entries this June holidays. Well, it is therapeutic for me!


5th May 2012

My Papa got some company zoo tickets and he passed them to us.
So, our entry to the zoo was free! Woots!
Don’t really want to pay $40 for both of us to enter the zoo when we are not even sure how long Ryan will last there…


The last time I went to a zoo, I was like 12.
I went there with my siblings, cousins, Mummy and Aunt Linda.
Well, those were the days man…


Good morning!

Ryan, looking very intrigued.

Checking out where should we head to.


Breakfast at good ol’ KFC.


This is Ryan’s first time at a water playground. In fact, we did not expect to find a water playground in the zoo. Ryan was excited to see the water playground and so many kids running around, splashing water under the hot sun.

In the end, we went to the swimwear store to purchase a swim diaper and off lil’ Ryan goes to the water playground! Despite the fact that it was his first time there, he was very enthusiastic about it! Heehee.


Waiting for the animal show to start!

We only managed to catch like 20 minutes of the show. Ryan was starting to be rather cranky because he was sleepy. Boohoo!





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