Port of Lost Wonder

June 2012

Kimberly took this picture for us before we left for Sentosa.



Here we are at the Port of Lost Wonder at Palawan beach!

 Admission is cheap! Only Ryan needs to purchase a ticket($8). It is free for adults. Yay!

My darlings queuing up for the slide! Omg! The slides are fun!
E, Ryan and I tried all three slides twice at least.



Lunch time!

It was a good decision that we went to Port Belly for lunch. E forgot to bring Ryan’s milk powder and all that was in the diaper bag was 1 bottle of Heinz strawberry yoghurt dessert which Ryan gobbled up after an hour of water play.

We found a very comfortable table at Port Belly and E ordered our meals. Fortunately, they had Kid’s meal which was to Ryan’s liking- macaroni cheese, mashed potato and mango custard. I had Rosti while E had beef fajitas. The fajitas were yummy!

After lunch, Ryan fell asleep for a good 45 minutes to an hour. E and I just lounge around, soaking in the sun.


Once the little one woke up, it was water play again. E and I took turns to bring Ryan to play. While one was entertaining Ryan, the other could just chill at the table and surf the net. Heehee. Yes, we are that cooperative…

If you were to ask me how differently would I have done/pack for the next trip to POLW:

1. Make sure that the milk powder is packed in the diaper bag.

2. Go early. This time round, we reached Sentosa around 11 and it was starting to be really sunny and hot. The next time, it will be better to be there by 10 and “chope” for a good seat.

3. Ideally, I would like to get ready a picnic basket. I guess it will be fun to pack sandwiches and fruits along. If that fails, we will just purchase one from Port Belly.

4. Invite my family to come along. Then, there will be more adults caring for Ryan.

5. Bring along my breast feeding apron because Ryan is still being breast fed and it helps him to fall asleep.

6. Get suitable sun block lotion for babies.


We also went to check out Resorts World Sentosa, did abit of shopping and shared one of the most delicious bowl of Chendol(shaved ice, gula melaka, coconut milk can be so magical!) I tasted in a long time…

This is our first time at RWS and we were impressed with what it has to offer. I love the Malaysian food street! I noticed people eating chicken rice balls. So want to get my hands on it! We will be considering to get membership and possibly a staycation at one of the hotels.

We left Sentosa around 5 plus, all tanned and happy!



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