Furniture versus Carpentry

June 2012

Our teak bar stools- SOLD

Teak 2 seater bench- SOLD

Balinese styled paintings- SOLD

Teak Dining Table- SOLD

Teak TV Console- SOLD

Mirror- SOLD

Teak Daybed- GAVE AWAY

TV console- SOLD


E and I have officially moved house twice in 2 years. Our first love nest was at Telok Kuaru, a nice cosy 2 bedroom apartment which is of close proximity of many yummy places. When we had our first place, we(or rather E) were both swarmed with the many things to plan for our house- like renovations, fittings and so on. It was crazy and it did not help that we were working on a very tight budget.

In the end, we had to reject our ID’s ideas of having the carpentry works which turned out to be a good decision. First off, we get to go for furniture hunting. I love looking at furniture and imagining how they would possibly fit into our home. In fact, E and I have a story for almost every piece of furniture we own… There are so many places that sells beautiful furniture pieces and they definitely look better than some of the carpentry work. Plus, I really doubt my ID’s lobang…. that will be story for another day.  Hence, even for our current home, we did not get an ID this time round. We kept whatever existing carpentry and bought nice furniture to spruce it up.

Second, you can sell your old furniture when you get bored of them but you cannot do the same for carpentry. Unless you just smash them and re-do it. (Well, we are not at the stage of life when money is free flowing yet.) I love selling my old stuff! E can vouch for that. Hence, this is why I always make sure my furniture is in tip-top condition lest I decide to sell them away. I love how my buyers are always pleased that my furniture looks as good as new. Heehee. So, the first furniture that I sold was the teak dining table- yea, it was starting to be of an eye sore for me. Then I starting selling stuff. Before long, we sold our house and the rest went along the way! As for those that cannot be sold, I re-used them in my current home- like my expensive tatami set… and my book shelf.

Thirdly, selling the furniture gives us more money to buy new furniture. And if the furniture is in good condition, you will not even make too big of a loss! This is also definitely more eco- friendly. For the buyers, it will be a very green purchase. Heehee.


So, you get the idea right? Maybe you want to think about all these options when you are making your decision… 🙂



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