Chuggington at Downtown East

June 2012

Last Saturday evening, E and I decided to bring Baby Ryan to Downtown East for an evening walk.We told my mother about it and she passed us some ticket saying that Ryan can take a free kids train ride at Downtown East as there was some Chugginton activity going on at the resort.

We redeemed the ticket and we realised that there was no train ride but the kids will walk behind the train around the mall. Okay… how difficult can that be right?

First up, Ryan got some picture of a train painted on how hand. Quite fun!


E and Ryan looking real excited.


Family Picture!


And the walking began….Well, Ryan was the youngest among all the kids. He is just a young boy at 14 months. So, he did not really stay in line like the other boys. Hahaha. But he did get a lot of attention from the train facilitators.


Here is a picture of Ryan and his fellow train passenger friends resting at one of the “stations”. I suppose the activity was definitely more suitable for older kids, especially the boys. There was a particular boy in the group who is very smart and he could name all the Chugginton trains!


Here’s Ryan at the final “station” of the train walk. By the end of the walk, E and I were exhausted… and sweaty. The humid weather was also not helpful.


Nevertheless, it was a wonderful evening with my boys. Having them in my life is such blessing! I shall end the blog post with a picture that we received from the train walk.




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