Once upon a Kampong time…

June 2012

E and I brought the little one to Pasir Ris Kid’s Kampong in the late afternoon, after doing some shopping at Dress Sense(heehee). Initially, we wanted to go to the Elias Park Big Playground but enroute, we saw a sign on Kid’s Kampong. Out of curiousity, we followed the signs and there we were at the Kid’s Kampong at the Pasir Ris Farmway.

I have stayed in Pasir Ris for 10 over years and this is my first time at the Kid’s Kampong. Pasir Ris does have its interesting finds and delights.

Entry is just $1 per person. So, it was $3 for three of us!

Food for the fish, chicken/ducks and rabbits respectively. The animal food is included in the entry fees.

The Kids Kampong is not very big. But I am sure it is a fun land for kids.

Feeding the fish is one of Ryan’s favourite activity at the Kampong. The fish were sure enthusiastic. Ryan’s hands were kissed by the kois while he tried to feel their scaly bodies.

Ryan’s close encounters with the chickens.

Feeding the ducks was quite fun. They were very competitive when it came to food!

Checking out the lil’ rabbits.

E showing Ryan the fighting fish.

Fighting fish to be sold.

Omg! I totally love these boys! xxx

And what more a better way than to end our Kampong trip with a Solero…

I suppose we will return to the Kid’s Kampong quite often since it is quite near to our home. It is also a good place to teach Ryan about animals and how do we treat/feed them.  Till later!~


And of course, we did go to the Elias Park Big Playground to play in the end.

Ahh… such precious weekends. 🙂



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