the end of my breast feeding journey…

July 2012

I finally stopped breast feeding Ryan at his 15th month.

Breast feeding has been a struggle for me in the beginning. I swear I cried buckets when there was really very little milk flow in the beginning. In my first month, I was pumping out milk with my Medela PISA and letting Ryan latch on so that I can stimulate more milk flow. It was a tiring one month…, adjusting to a new baby, doing my confinement and willing my breast milk to be more.

There are alot of health benefits that a baby supposedly gets from breastfeeding. There is no need for me to reiterate them on this blog post but I want to share what I love most about breastfeeding.

One of the benefits of breast feeding would be that it helps me to lose some weight. I am not actually back to my slim frame but I am not gaining too much weight either considering how much I actually eat. Yes, I eat an average of 300g of Famous Amos cookies(along with my Cornery butterscotch popcorns, chocolate cakes…) over 3 days all the time. E has to replenish my supply every time my stash depletes. Now that I have stopped breastfeeding, I am trying to lower my food intake as well. Boohoo.

Breast feeding also made Ryan and I much closer. It is very calming when Ryan feeds at the breast. According to research, breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and baby. In our case, Ryan is definitely “sticky” to me and vice versa. I cannot imagine leaving him at my mother’s home for one night no matter how exhausted I am from work. During the holidays, both of us are really pleased with jut the company of each other. Heehee. I am so missing the quiet time of just me and Ryan every evenings when I get home from work and nights when two of us just fall asleep together.

Each time I recall how much I argued with E about breastfeeding and how frustrated I was with the low milk supply, I always end up feeling thankful to God and E. It was with faith and the encouragement from E that I managed to breastfeed this long. Of course, not forgetting my mother who always ensured that I get my papaya and fish soup during and after my confinement month. Also, there were many friends who were always encouraging me- via text messages and Fb messages.

Now that we have officially stopped breastfeeding, we realised that we have to buy so much milk powder and milk powder is sure expensive. Even when I was partially feeding Ryan(I stopped expressing milk at 9 months and only festival Ryan when I returned from work), we only needed to buy one can of milk per month for each household. Now, it is almost like one can every 10 days!!!

The process to fInally stoppIng breast feedIng was not easy. It was nights of Ryan getting withdrawal symptoms, screaming his lungs out, him having a hoarse voice, us in exasperation, me having a heart ache… Of course, after 2 weeks, things are looking up. Ryan does not need to suckle to sleep now. I can just pat him to sleep while singing him lullabies.

Without breastfeeding, it is also much more convenient for us when we are outside. We don’t always need to rush to look for a nursing room when we are shopping in malls. It also helps that Ryan is able to say, “Milk” when he wants to drink milk. Yes, Ryan’s vocabulary has increased but he is not much of a talkative baby. He only speaks when he wants something or when he wants to point out something. Let’s see how he grows up to be like…

Lately, he is addicted to some Australian Tv Show called The Wiggles. His attention span for the show is amazing. He can sit and watch the show for at least 45 minutes, totally glued to what is happening on TV. Hmm… yes, I know that is not exactly the best thing a child should do.

Anyways, this entry is just to share my thoughts on breastfeeding. If you have problems breastfeeding in the beginning, don’t give up. Surround yourself with encouraging and positive people! The milk will eventually come. 🙂



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