Gratitude Sunday

July 2012

So, starting from today, I will start my Sunday series called Gratitude Sunday.  This is to encourage more positive thinking for me and to have less whining. Basically, it is just a short blog post usually composed from my S3. In Gratitude Sundays, it will be my weekly reflection and remembrance to give thanks to God.


So just yesterday evening, my Hai Sing loves came by our place for a potluck session. It has been a 2 months since we last met up so the gathering was fun and we did a lot of catch up. So, I would like to give thanks to God for this special friendship with everyone of them. They are my oldest friends, 14 years and still counting! Oldies are always goodies.


And not forgetting to  thank God for this beautiful angel. He just had a fall and I really hope he is okay. *sigh* … Ryan is growing up really fast and he is a lot more fun to be with. He is able to communicate with us- he is able to ask for “milk”, or he wants “more”…he listens to instructions pretty well and being to witness all his milestones is just amazing.

Of course, there are always so many things to give thanks for. This is a start for me, for now.



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