January 2012

We bought a StudioPlay(previously known as Sean Lau Photography) PlayTime package(lobang was from my colleague Evie!) in November 2011 during some Baby Fair at Expo. However, appointments for baby photography were packed till January 2012.

Prior to our session with StudioPlay, we had like two other baby photography sessions. The first baby photography was when Ryan was 1 month old. It was shot by my cousin, Shawn and his girlfriend Shiyi and the second one was with Venus Photography(was complimentary because of Baby Spa) in December 2011. That will be another story for another day. There are actually many backdated entries…which I will eventually clear of course.


The White Series

I always think dressing in white looks really nice on photos.
You can see how we were also dressed in white for my maternity shoot.


The Bath Tub Series

After our first few baby photography experiences, we learnt that bringing my parents along will be of paramount importance. They will be able to make the baby laugh while E and I take a back seat in this. This way, when it comes to family portraits, E and I will more rested and the pictures will be better.


The Prim and Proper Series

E and I were quite last minute in planning out the clothes for the shoot. We kept talking about packing it but we only got around it on the morning of the shoot. So, the shoot was at 10am and we only started packing are 8am maybe?

We just threw in anything that we thought was suitable, drove down the street to pick my parents and zoomed off to the studio.

Thankfully, most of the clothes looked fine rather matchy-matchy. Heehee. This formal series one one of my favourites as well- because we look so “huat” 😛


The Garden Gnome Series

As you can see from the pictures, Ryan was not too fond of wearing anything on his head.


The one with the Huge Bear…

After the Garden Gnome series, Ryan was really sleepy. We fed him milk and he fell asleep immediately. In the meanwhile, all of us just relaxed abit. Because the Play Session was scheduled to be 2 hours long, we did not feel hurried at all.

Once the little prince roused from his sleep, it was back to work again. This time round, the prop was a huge teddy bear. Ryan was rather afraid of the bear at first. He kept trying to crawl away from the bear only to have us putting him back with teddy again. (Yeaps, Baby Ryan was still crawling at 9 months.)


The Teddy Bear series

One of our favourites…. look how adorable is he! *swoons*


Music Baby series

Apparently, this series is the most well-liked among my friends.


The CNY Poster worthy series

My mother bought this red romper from Chinatown for Ryan and he did fit really nicely in it. He wore it for Chinese New Year and all of us thought he looks absolutely good looking in it. Hence, we bought the romper for the photoshoot as well.

E’s Ah Bor liked it so much that she also took a photo from this series to bring back to China! I suppose E and I will be using this series for CNY postcards next year!


Oh-my-sweet angel series


The Manchester United series


The Bicycle Series

Just look at my baby trying to stand while he was on the bicycle!


My overall experience with Studioplay has been awesome. My photographer(whose name I have forgotten…bad me) is really good at making baby laugh and smile. And it is very obvious that he likes his job and he is very passionate about it! That itself is just gold!

Studioplay also have alot of cool props and beautiful backgrounds. So, the pictures just turn out to be even more fantastic! So, I think if you are thinking of having a baby photography session to capture these beautiful moments, you should seriously consider Studioplay!



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