Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

July 2012

Waiting for our morning breakfast of prata and Milo…

After breakfast, it was straight to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. We reached the place around 9 and there were already many families there.

Our first stop was at the water playground. The water park felt like the first generation of water playground because it is not as interesting as the ones at Tampines One, Changi City Point and 112 Katong.

Initially, we wanted to explore the park before letting Ryan go for his water play. However, our lil’ boy was wayyy impatient and he insisted on staying at the water playground. Hmm..


After 45 minutes or so, we had to drag Ryan off the water area and continue checking out the garden.

This is the treehouse playground which is a whole lot of fun. E, Ryan and myself had a great time trying out the slides. Little brave Ryan even went on a few slides himself!

And I do not know why but Ryan has a tendency to want to slide on his tummy(possibly because he thinks it is safer than if he was on his butt). Because of this, he ended up being stuck a few times… πŸ˜›


Break time!

As a responsible mother, I did prepare some light refreshments for all of us. Heehee!
We walked some more, took more pictures and tried the garden maze! The weather was really warm but seems like Ryan was enjoying the great outdoors.


Lunch was at Spring Leaf Taiwan Porridge.
We did not order many dishes but lunch was just awesome.



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