Gratitude Sunday

August 2012

Okay, it is Gratitude Sunday again. I am still not quite used to this whole thing(considering how I don’t even say grace before my meals) but well, it is worth a shot. I was reading it somewhere that giving thanks is stopping every day to take inventory on all the blessings God has bestowed on you. Living a grateful life will help to live a happy life.

National Day weekend is around the corner. We are definitely psyched about it because we are heading off to Bali for a wedding! It will be our first family trip and there are a lot of things to prepare for. Right now, we are still in the midst of packing. With Baby Ryan, it seems like packing is forever…diapers, formula milk, snacks, toys….But of course, we are thankful for this short holiday!

Managed to have a short meet-up with my Ham hams on Friday night at Weili’s place. Just felt like good old times except his house is alot alot bigger and cooler now. So, we were talking about weddings(wedding photos…), marriage, kids, houses and whatnot. Oh my… we are so much older now. Just a while ago, we were just university kids chilling out at Simpang, wondering where life would lead us. So, this brings me to how I appreciate E and our marriage. E is always telling me that he married the woman he loves and he loves the woman he married- awww… so sweet. 😛 So, 老公, I love you too! xxx

Till the next post!~



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