Water Play at 112 Katong

July 2012

Weekends are finally here again. This time round, we brought Baby Ryan to 112 Katong, one of our favourite haunts when we were staying in Telok Kurau. Breakfast was at Canton Paradise and it was yummy!

Here’s a picture of Daddy with Baby Ryan. Ryan and I left E to order our breakfast while we went to Baby Online Shop to get some snack. When we came back, I was surprised by the amount of food that he ordered. Hmm… the thing about E is that, he usually over orders for meals.

Bacon Cheese Rolls

Char Siew and Custard Buns

Prawn Cheong Fun

Lean Meat and Century Egg Congee

Pork Ribs in Bean Sauce…

You can see that Ryan did enjoy his dim sum breakfast!


After breakfast, we headed to the water playground and surprisingly, it was not as crowded as I expected it to be. The last time when I brought Ryan to the water playground at Tampines One(here and here) during a weekend, the place was packed!

Anyways, I thought the water playground at 112 Katong is alot bigger and more fun(E thinks otherwise though…) While the theme for the water playground at Tampines One is on animals, the theme for 112 Katong appears to be somewhere the lines of music. Kids can have the chance to play with the gong, xylophone and a few other musical stuff in the play area.



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