Changi Beach and Boardwalk

August 2012

It was the Sunday when Ryan woke us up at 7ish in the morning. There were no breakfast plans and we decided to have a picnic just on impulse. I suggested Pasir Ris Park but E wanted Changi Beach instead because we have not been there for a while.

At 8 plus in the morning, the beach was near empty.

Breakfast was some dim sum because our favourite Nasi Lemak stall was closed. We bought Polo Bun thinking that Ryan will like it but he ended up eating siew mais instead.


Play time!

Yeaps, because the beach was relatively empty, Ryan got to run around pretty freely with his $2 Daiso ball, pick up random sticks and played with sand.


Headed off to Changi Boardwalk.
This place has really fond memories for three of us because it was where we took my maternity photoshoot with Baby Ryan in my womb.



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