Gratitude Sunday

August 2012

So, we are back from Bali. It has been a great trip except I was not feeling well. Bah!

I am thankful for many reasons:

1. We had a safe trip. Before the trip, I was rather apprehensive about bringing Ryan along. It did not really help when my parents told me so many horrifying scenarios of Ryan possibly getting lost.

2. There is my supportive hubby along with us for the trip. I was not feeling well when I was in Bali and E definitely stepped up by ensuring that I felt better by doing most of the packing, planning and caring for Baby Ryan while I slept away the afternoons in Bali away.

3. Ryan did not really fuss on the plane or during the trip. He vomited once during the trip but that was manageable. Thank God

4. The wedding was beyond my expectations. I have a yearly assessment of the many weddings I go for- it is based on couple’s looks, fun factor, novelty and those along such lines. So in 2010, (in my own opinion, and of course we can have different opinions) I thought our wedding was quite fun and exciting considering the many dances that we had. In 2011, the best wedding experience was definitely Amy’s wedding which was held at St Regis and it was featured in some atas magazine, This year, Eileen and Jerry’s wedding experience is like a new top for me. It was so breathtakingly beautiful. I am sure the bride paid a lot of attention to the details of the wedding because everything about the wedding was awesome! That aside, I wonder if my camera actually hates good wedding. The last time I brought my camera to Amy’s wedding, the battery died. This time at Bali, the camera died half way through! Okay, the previous three lines are not really part of my Gratitude Sunday.

So, that is it for Gratitude Sunday. Will update with our Bali trip this week!



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