Off to BALI!

August 2012

It was the National Day weekend and we were off to Bali for Eileen and Jerry’s wedding! Although it was just a short trip (Thursday night to Sunday afternoon), packing was just crazy madness because of Baby Ryan. There was one luggage dedicated just for his diapers and snacks.

My parents sent us to the airport and we had lunch at Soup Restaurant.
Oooohh… totally love the chicken with ginger sauce!


After we checked in, we did some DFShopping. No bags this time round! Boohoo! E should totally get me one for my birthday though. Heehee. We even managed to sneak in some time at the Family Zone- just for Baby Ryan.


Thankfully, Ryan was rather cooperative for his maiden flight.
Not much fuss and he was kept pretty happy with his snacks, books and bear.

I think Singapore Airlines is definitely one of the better airlines to fly with when babies are around. First, they have this cool baby bassinet for baby to sleep on and parents can have a break. The stewardesses are oh-so friendly and cheery- they remembers Ryan’s name. And they even have a selection of bottled baby food!


Because it was an afternoon flight, we only reach Bali in the evening and we were all very exhausted. Ryan went to bed early and we ordered room service. Food was a-okay…nothing fantastic but we were definitely looking forward to the next morning!




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