Bali in the morning…

August 2012

These are just some of Ryan’s stash. With a baby, you must never under pack. It was also a good thing that we brought along his books and toys- they helped to entertain him for a while.

Yes, I brought our steriliser as well.
That is how kiasu I am.


The boys were still sleeping when I woke up and so I went pottering around the room and got dressed up for the morning.

It was not long later when E woke up as well and he took some pictures for me!

Baby Ryan was the last to wake up. When he woke up and got dressed, he went for his favourite fruit/animal book.

And yes, we were all dressed in huat huat red!

Anyways, I think the hotel upgraded us to a better room because we had a huge balcony to chillax in which we did not make much use of!


Headed down to the cafe for breakkie! And to our surprise, it was a full morning buffet spread awaiting for us. This also meant that Ryan had his choice of food- bread, cakes, eggs…

I love the baby chair that Ryan is in… totally cute!


Off we went for shopping in the streets of Kuta. We stayed in Ramayana Hotel which is in the heart of Kuta- superb location! The only downside was possibly that we could still hear loud music at night from the pubs. But it was manageable.

Well, we did not buy many things but I did get my manicure, pedicure and my hair braided!


We returned to our hotel around 1ish and Ryan and I were dead beat.
We fell asleep while E went to order some awesome tasting burger from room service again.

Next post will be on the wedding!



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