The Most Beautiful Bali Wedding…

August 2012

E and I have known Jerry and Eileen during our very early salsa days and we did spend a period of time with them during weekends- going for salsa, outings and house parties. In the salsa gang, Eileen is the domesticated goddess(with her awesome baking) and Jerry is the guy with the many jokes. Both of them are equally good looking and are really good dancers. So, they did get together and when we heard wedding bells ringing, we were so excited and happy for them!

This is a picture of both of them in September 2008, before they got together. How cute right? And they are so gorgeous together!!!


Of course, when we received the invite to their Bali wedding, it was definitely a must go! And yes, I am so thankful that we went for the wedding because I know this wedding experience will never be similar to any other.

The location-Tirtha was so breathtakingly beautiful, the architecture of the place was just so magnificent. I was so awed/touched by every single aspect of the wedding- the chapel, the choir(one of the singers should possibly consider joining Bali Idol, his voice is so angelic!!!), the surprise item that Jerry planned for Eileen, the wedding dance, the name tags, the goodie bags, the beautiful bridesmaids, the wedding band, the cool photo booth… Every detail of the wedding was thoughtful! *sigh sigh*

It was also a wonderful time because we managed to catch up with some of our salsa friends. Well, E and I don’t really dance anymore even though we hope to return in near future.


Okay, peektures!


Waiting in the chapel…



Photo Booth!


Dinner time!

We ended the night early at around 10ish while the rest of the party went to the couple’s villa to party the night away. The wedding experience was just magical and we wish Eileen and Jerry a blessed marriage just like their wedding day- beautiful, full of love and joy.



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