Vote for Ryan and Me!

August 2012

Well, I think enough of my family members and friends read my blog. At least, I think from my statistics(I hope they do not lie), there are enough people who are interested enough in our lives. So, well, (I know my last week of Gratitude Sunday has not been out because Ryan and I were both under the weather. Ryan has been more ill than me though…), do help me with this tiny favor.

I need you guys to vote for me and Ryan for this eXplorerkid’s Say Cheese Contest. Even though I have submitted Ryan’s photo entries for Category A and C, the category that I think we possibly have most chance in is Category C- Parent-Child Contest. Category A is flooded with wayyy too many cute babies.

You need to:

1) Click on the link v=app_197602066931325&app_data=entry_id%3D7525547

2) Like the page.
3) Go back to the link and click on the Say Cheese Contest Tab.
4) Scroll down to Category C (pg 2), look for “Ryan and Mummy” by Ling May Lee
5) Click on Vote next to it and get your family and friends to help out as well?
So, do vote for us when you are at your computer. I don’t think you can do this on your smartphones because I cannot do that.
Thank you so much!
May and a very sick Baby Ryan.
P.S: E just told me not to fight this fight because the highest number of votes is 1116, followed by some 200 over votes and we are just at 6 votes. True. Okay. whatever, I have posted this on my Facebook and I have spent the last 20 minutes writing out this post. We will still try and we shall see how it goes.
Anyways, the last date of the voting is 25 August, and so this gives us pretty little time….Bah!

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