Gratitude Sunday

September 2012

If I am not wrong, I think I have missed two weeks of Gratitude Sundays. It is not because I am not grateful but I have not been in the best of health and it did not really help that Ryan fell sick two weeks ago over the Hari Raya weekend.

Well, first thing, I am thankful that Ryan has recovered from his high fever (the highest was at 39 degree celcius). Being sick is one thing. Having a child who is sick while you are unwell is really horrid! We self medicated Ryan with the fever, cough and flu medications that we had and only brought Ryan to the his pediatrician, Dr Vasanthi on Tuesday, after the holidays d because no baby clinics were opened during the holidays.

Because of his fever, Ryan got to know his ear thermometer pretty well. In fact, he could imitate us by putting the ear thermometer into our ears or his teddy bear’s ear, pretending to check the temperature. Hmm…babies are so so so cute!

Here is a picture of Baby Ryan trying to feed his teddy bear with his syringe. Heehee.


Because of me, E and Baby Ryan had to stay home during the weekends. Yeaps, usually, E and I make sure that we will try to bring Ryan out during the weekends but I often feel so awful that the whole family is home bound for now.

It did not help that the weather in our area was quite rainy these days- so Baby Ryan also did not manage to dip himself in our pool until last Sunday.


So, this Sunday, I am grateful for Ryan’s recovering from his fever. I really pray that Ryan will always stay in good health. I think health is one of the things that I usually overlook… So, because of this episode of Baby and Mummy being sick, I prayed alot because I was really exhausted, tired and Ryan was really fussing quite a bit. And yes, it did helped and I am really thankful.


E is not really a religion type of person. Just the other day, he asked me how could I be sre that there is God. (And I just told him, because I know He is there!) Well, I just know there is God. When I am in trouble, I pray(I feel that my burden is unloaded.) and usually, I receive the answers(whether or not it is what I expect them to be). I think some things are really difficult to explain and sometimes, we just need faith.

There are days when I complain, bitch and whine about life… wanting more and more. (Yes, some of my whinings are uncalled for and I can be quite ungrateful like the fisherman’s wife.) This is why I have Gratitude Sundays on my blog- I want to make it a point to take stock of what I have, deposit positive thoughts, count my blessings and most importantly, thank God.



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