Gratitude Sunday

September 2012

Once again, it is not Sunday and this is an entry on Gratitude Sunday.

After watching this episode on Mastering the Art of Gratitude(recommended by Zat), I learnt a lot more about gratitude and about God because the show talks quite a bit about Christianity.

Things that I picked up during the show:

1. Daily prayer is not a bargaining chip with God. It is funny how I relate to this very much. When I find myself in very terrible predicament, I will suddenly start to pray to God. So, in the show, a woman shared a story of how she married the love of her life. Her husband had cancer but was in remission when they wedded. Then, the cancer returned. During the trying times, she talked about how she spent all the time with her husband, encouraging him, praying to God asking him let her husband live. The day her husband passed away, she felt like her whole world crashed and she was resentful and angry with what happened. As she recounted her story, it struck a chord in me as well. (Of course, I did not go through as much hardship as her.) But the thing is that when I pray and things don’t materialize the I expected it to, I feel angry and sometimes resentful as well. So, Iyanla Vanzant shared that prayer is aligning our mind with divine mind and we should pray and when our prayers are answered or are not answered remember this: If we knew what the Lord knew, we wouldn’t change a thing.

2. Life happens for me, not to me. This is a mentality that I need to have. People around me knows I am not exactly the most resilient person. Each time I meet with a stumbling block, I falter and then I complain and whine. The only reason why I am have what I got is because of God’s blessings and how He have placed many many many supportive and caring people in my life. On hindsight, when I see how my life have pieced out over these years, I am immensely grateful. Yes, years ago, I was unhappy when God did not answer my prayers, but because he did not answer my prayers, many things worked out for me in other ways and now, I am in a much better place and I have a lot more than what I could possibly have.

3. I think God possibly have an interesting way of reaching out to me. Maybe. The person whom I least expect to send me this clip did and because of this, I feel that my faith is renewed. I think being grateful is not easy in our busy world. But it is important to feel gratitude, not just because it emits positive energy but it also reminds us of how beautiful our lives and world is.



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