playdate at polliwogs

September 2012

Lately, I have been trying to plan playdates for Baby Ryan. The thing is that we have decided that we will only send Ryan to school when he turns 30 months. So, in the meantime, E and I are constantly thinking of activities to keep Ryan occupied and interested- we try to bring him out to parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, library as often as we can.


Baby Ryan is pretty much well-cared for by adults, especially in the evenings when everyone returns home from school or work, all our attention will be on him. However, he seldom get the opportunity to hang out with babies of his age(other than my mother’s neighbor whom he occasionally sees in the park or around the estate). Because he is always in the company of adults who adores him, he gets his way or what he wants pretty often. Hmm…

So, after reading quite a bit and discussing with fellow Mummies, I decided that I should try to make time to let Ryan have a playdate at least once a week so that he have the chance to meet babies his age, maybe learn to share and possibly play together. During the playdates, it is quite therapeutic for me as well as I get to connect with fellow Mummies going through the same things as me- like weaning babies off breastfeeding, updating on the babies’ learning progrwss and also pick up a recipe that is nutritious for Baby Ryan….

Just last evening, I met up with Salena, Eunice and Jannah along with their beautiful babies at Polliwogs. It was a good session with the ladies and I am sure all the babies did enjoy themselves as well!



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