Double Lines= Hello Baby

August 2012

It was on the 7 of August when I did the check and realised that I was expecting again. The moment when the double lines appeared, I could feel a myriad of emotions- mostly joy of course. I was happy but I was also worried because of my health issues, managing two babies and work… When I called E, this was how the conversation went:

Me: Lao gong. You free? I got something urgent to tell you.

E: I am busy now. Can I call you later?

Me: I am pregnant?

E: You sure? Okay, I will call you back.

I whatsapped him this picture:

E called  back soon enough and he was elated that Baby Ryan was going to have a sibling and fun will definitely be doubled! That night, we bought another pregnancy test strip, just to confirm the pregnancy and yes, it showed the double lines once again.

The next morning, we made an appointment with our new gynecologist- Dr Ang Huai Yan from Gleneagles because my previous gynecologist- Dr Tan Han Yang had retired(boohoo!).

Actually, on hindsight, I should have noticed the signs earlier- I was vomiting after meals(which I naively wondered if my subconscious being was bulimic…pregnancy did not cross my mind because I was not having my period for a long time as I was breast feeding…), my tummy looked a lot fuller(and it made me pretty upset because I really don’t need an extra kilogram…) Hmm… Anyways, it was good that we saw Dr Ang before we left for our Bali trip over the National Day weekend because I got the necessary medications in case anything should happen in Bali.

So, welcome again, Baby!


Here’s a picture of me…now, today on 29 September 2011. I am a lot fatter and bigger than first pregnancy. But E and Ryan still tell me that I am gorgeous and they love me a lot. Hahaha. They have to(for the sanity of our household) actually, if not I will launch into my dramatic depressed mode.


Like what I mentioned before, every year of my life is wayyy too exciting. And I love it. I cannot wait to see Baby soon! So, keep me and baby in your awesome thoughts and prayers. xxx



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