Morning sickness, spotting and alot of sleep.

August 2012

So far, for the past few weeks, it has been quite difficult. Just like my experience with Baby Ryan(see here), I have been puking the whole day, after every single meal. *sigh* The morning whole day sickness is so terrible to the point that I am actually fearful of eating.
And ironically, I do have cravings, so while I am trying to fulfill what my stomach desires, I am crossing my fingers that I will not do a merlion thereafter.

1st Visit:
We saw Dr Ang, two days before our National Day weekend in Bali. Baby is small but Dr Ang’s room had really cool machines that allowed us to see Baby quite clearly! Heehee. She prescribed me hormone pills in case anything happened in Bali. E was really happy during the first visit. So, it is true- we always have something exciting(positive ones of course) that happens to us every year! πŸ˜›

2nd Visit:
Then, a week after we came back from Bali, I started spotting again. I took the hormone pills that Dr Ang prescribed to me before my Bali trip but the spotting continued for 2 days. The spotting could be due to many reasons- possibly lack of hormones, that I returned to breastfeeding Baby Ryan(because he fell sick over the Hari Raya weekend), carrying of Baby Ryan…In the end, E got really worried and insisted that I call Dr Ang’s clinic. Her nurses insisted that E and I go down to Gleneagles for emergency consultation. At the end of the drama, I was given a hormone jab and instructed to have a week of bed rest. Dr Ang also gave the ultimatum to stop breastfeeding Ryan, lest risk the pregnancy. The thing is that there are different schools of thought on breastfeeding- there is one that says that you can breastfeed your baby even when you are pregnant but Dr Ang believes that I need all the nutrients and strength for the baby in my womb now. So, yes, we cut breastfeeding for Ryan. For good. And, thank goodness by then, Ryan’s fever had subsided and he was not that insistent on going to the breast.

Maternal Changes:

I noticed that my tummy is bloating up faster than ever. My weight is still constant- around 50-51kg(and yes, I did not manage to lose to my pre-Ryan weight(which is around 45kg)! Don’t get me started on my lack of willpower.) but my tummy looks really huge. I read somewhere that it is because of the lax muscles after the first pregnancy and hence the bulge will be more obvious than first time round.

I am really exhausted every single day- I am not sure if it is the pregnancy or the effects of the hormone medications(which indicated that it will cause drowsiness) but I am really spending most of my waking hours, asleep. So, if you realised, I have not been bringing Ryan out during the weekends because I am just really tired. This is not really good, I know because I really want to spend all my time, making sure that Ryan enjoys himself as a single child before my time and attention gets divided(and of course, love can be multiplied) but it will be inevitable that it is possible that Ryan gets lesser of my time then. So, once my morning sickness cease(it better!), and after my next consultation, I am willing my body to try to be more involved with Ryan’s playtime!

And, as usual, I am very emotional all the time. What’s wrong with me? Anyways, thankfully, there is E, who is my ever optimist, who sees the silver lining in all my grey skies. I know I should have positive thoughts all the time when I am pregnant- I am trying. Okay, so right now, I am loving my life and the people around me. I know I am very very blessed and fortunate. So, that’s all for updates.



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