October 2012

Happy belated Children’s Day, ya’all! Hope you have indulged in your chocolates and ice cream!


It is 5.09 in the Saturday evening. I just woke up from my cat’s nap and E and Ryan are still sleeping.  It is a rainy afternoon and cuddling with my boys was just the way I want my afternoon to be after my lunch of black carrot cake(chai tow kway).

This morning, E and I got woken up by Ryan at 7 in the morning again. Yes, he always wakes up at 7, even on weekends. Often we are grouchy, because adults(especially working and pregnant mothers) need more rest than kids. But Ryan always have that angelic look on his face that will melt all my unhappiness and be the gushing parent, showering him with morning kisses.

Lounged around at home while we waited for E’s parents to come by for breakfast. Usually, we will go to the Tampines Round Market with them but this morning, E and I were too lazy to go out because we were all out till 11ish last night and we just needed to be slack and lazy. Our family had an interesting Children’s Day- because we were all(E, Ryan and myself) involved in some Maybe Baby event. Ryan and I were part of the fashion show models for Spring Maternity, a local fashion house for maternity wear. Will update about that event once I got hold of more photos. But, omg! I love the maternity collection from Spring Maternity! They are so gorgeous!!!

If you recalled, when I was pregnant with Ryan, I did not really buy many maternity clothes because I thought they were frumpy and ugly. So, I usually get bigger sized clothes from Mango, Cotton On…I could get away with that because I was really skinny then.

This was me, when I was in my 3rd month of pregnancy. Started pregnancy at 45-46kg and hence could still look great in my red spaghetti top(I don’t wear much sleeveless now….seriously.) and my micro mini shorts.

This is me, in my third month of pregnancy. Obviously much heavier because I never reached my pre-pregnancy weight before I got pregnant again. Boohoo! Anyway, because starting at 51kg(for my second pregnancy), there are really not alot of clothes choices- espeecially for outings. *sigh sigh*

Anyway, the thing is that because of the fashion show and rehearsals, I really saw maternity wear in a new light. Actually, I am loving many of the clothes in the show. Will definitely be getting a few items for my friends’ October/November weddings.


There are plenty to update for the last week of September and first week of October. Will want to do so as soon as possible! Now, I shall end this post with another cutesy photo of Ryan, taken by my new friend- Celestia! She is one gorgeous Mummy, who is an excellent photographer with fabulous baking skills.

Monday, 12.57pm…

There are days when I am so exhausted being called Mama endlessly by Ryan. Just last night having to cradle him while he is sick(cough, and flu) when I am ill(sore throat and cough) is really like painful. Right now, I can barely open my eyes.

But most of the times, just looking at his beautiful and angelic face just melts all the tiredness away…*sigh sigh* I cannot help but love this boy.



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