Choosing a Gynecologist

September 2012

Baby Ryan was delivered by Dr Tan Han Yang, at Gleneagles Hospital. I like Dr Tan for many reasons. He is a very patient and kind doctor. Because I was a first time pregnant Mummy then, he was always willing to spend time to explain to me about baby and my pregnancy progress. I suppose he have been doing the same thing for a long time, but still he comes across very sincere to me. So, I was devastated when I realised that Dr Tan decided to retire and enjoy his life.

The next BIG question in our heads was, “Who should we have for our next gynecologist?” I mean, the first time was easy. We decided on Dr Tan because he delivered E and he happened to deliver most of E’s cousin on his mother’s side. So, it was a meaningful decision which thankfully turned out well because Dr Tan is awesome!

So, we shopped around for a gynecologist, got some recommendations, visited some gynecologists. Well, (I decided not to name) most of them are okay. They are nice but just with many “but”s and I really don’t want to elaborate on them.

Anyway, the thing is that we found a gynecologist(recommended by my Aunt Heidi and apparently, many of my maternal cousins are delivered by him as well!)- Dr Henry Cheng that we both agree that he feels great and very much similar to Dr Tan’s style. Even his clinic looks like Dr Tan’s. Well, even though he delivers both at Gleneagles and Mt Alvernia, he told us that very much prefer that we have Mt Alvernia as our choice. That is fine with us actually. The waiting time at his clinic is also acceptable- 15- 20 minutes because his nurses do a great time in time management!

So, I suppose I will be blogging more on my visits to Dr Henry Cheng over these few months!




5 thoughts on “Choosing a Gynecologist

  1. Joyce says:

    Hello May,

    My #1 (also a bunny baby) was also delivered by Dr Tan Hang Yang. Haha… actually when I was pregnant that time, I read your blog and not knowing what to do since I was a 1st time mummy, I decided to give Dr Tan a call. He’s really great!

    Now that I am expecting #2 (hee hee.. kind of coincidence here), choosing another great gynae is not easy. We kept changing the gynae until recently, we fixed it with Dr Irene Chua @ GE.

    1st Trimester with an active boy is really not easy. Jia You! and may this pregnancy be a breeze for you!

  2. Audrey Valerie says:

    Hi May, i was also quite devastated when i found out from my friend who is working at gleneagles that Dr. Tan already retired, he was my gynae before and i gave birth to a very healthy baby girl on sept 2011… Now that i am pregnant with my second child, i have alot of expectations from my new gynae which is also recommended by my friend, i went to see her yesterday but i can’t help but compare her with dr. Tan, for me he is the best gynae, in fact when i went for an emergency c-sect the recovery was so fast and i did not feel any pain at all plus his stitching is fantastic!

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