Food Cravings and updates.

September 2012

This is my pregnancy diary for Baby #2(here’s my post when I was pregnant with Baby Ryan), just to update on baby’s progress.

Morning Whole day sickness can be really daunting. For a good two weeks, I have dropped in weight and I actually feared eating because of my vomiting. However, there are still occasions when I craved for food items- like gassy drinks(Coke, Root Beer…) and carbs. And sashimi. Thankfully, my new gynecologist(this will be on another post)- Dr Henry Cheng has just gave the green light on sashimi. He says as long as it is good and fresh, there is no reason not to eat sashimi. In fact, he says it is a lot healthier than many food items. Heehee.

Pregnancy #2 is different from Pregnancy #1 is some aspects. If I thought I was exhausted when I was pregnant with Baby Ryan, this pregnancy is very much more exhausting because I have to still manage Baby Ryan in the evenings. Thankfully, there is my family(especially my Mummy) and E who helps me out with Baby Ryan. Life is so strange. Before marriage and before Ryan, I could not wait to leave home, live far away from my family and be independent. Now, I am just eating my words- I moved to an apartment just 5 minutes walking distance from my Mummy, I go home daily for dinner at my Mom’s and I am really happy to just be at my Mom’s place with everyone caring for baby while I lie on my old bed in my old bedroom…

Anyways, I am thankful for all the support that I am getting through this first trimester.
I suppose things can only get better from now!



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