Changi Airport Morning Delight!

October 2012

If you don’t already noticed, I have updated my About Us on my tabs. Heehee. It pretty much summarises my life chronologically after I met E, the love of my life! 😛


It was a stifling Sunday mid morning. The heat was terrible and we did not really want to lounge at home all the time because Ryan does have much more fun when he is out. We finally decided on going to Changi Airport Terminal 3 because it is not as crowded as the malls, it is relatively clean and it has quite a few activities for kids!

Well, it is not like Baby Ryan knows how to color the paper using the stencil but still, think he enjoyed looking at older kids who were busying coloring.

We then brought Ryan to the open playground with the kids. Did not bother going back to Sing Kids because we did not have a positive experience with them for the first time. The open playground was fun enough for our little boy- he was busy running up and down the whole place.

E also brought Ryan to play some ball game in the arcade. Even I thought it was fun- we had to throw plastic balls on the screen to hit the enemy/target or something. Ryan was pretty good at it. Heehee.

The trip ended when Ryan started fussing because he was feeling really tired(too much play) and was sleepy(time for his long afternoon nap). 🙂



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