October 2012

Okay, I am 28. I wish I look 25 because I think I look the best then. I also wish I have the energy when I was 18. But, I am 28, still trying to settle in my new roles and responsibilities of being a wife to E, a mother to Ryan and  my new baby…


14 October 2012

E brought my family out for my family birthday dinner at Nando’s. It is one of those rare dinners when we do not eat at Yam Kitchen actually. Dinner was great and the garlic bread from Nando’s are fantastic! Baby Ryan had his Hummus and pita bread. So, everyone was sated from the meal.

My siblings bought me a birthday cake from Awfully Chocolate. Yeaps, that is a great choice because I looooove chocolate cakes from Awfully Chocolate. Ryan was the one enjoying himself when everyone sang the birthday song. He is so especially adorable now that he is able to pretend to make a wish and blow the candle.


18 October 2012

Yay! For my 28th birthday dinner, we were back to our Morton’s. our all time favourite steakhouse! It is a tradition for us, ever since we started dating to have a treat at Morton’s at least once a year. This whole dinner thing started in 2009- on our first dating anniversary(1 September). Oh man, we were so young then.

Because of the awesome food and service, we returned to Morton’s again in the same year when I turned 25!

In 2010, when I was preggie with Baby Ryan, all I could think about was steaks and E brought me to Morton’s once again for my 26th birthday dinner!

Last year, when E celebrated my 27th birthday for me at the same ol’ place again. You know, by that time, Morton’s has sort of become a birthday tradition for me!

This year, it was no surprise where E brought to to as well.

I love how E always make sure that I have a great birthday. I think, because of him, i feel extra special and blessed all the time. If you want to know, my birthday present will be a trip to the city of love, Paris! Hmm… we will be going there in late November. It will be winter, chilly and all. We will not be bringing Ryan and so, I suppose it will be like another honeymoon/babymoon trip.

I am not sure how I feel about Ryan not going along with us. I willl miss him so so so much but he will be definitely well taken care of by my family. E and I can also use this time to just hang out, and sorta do the things done in my favourite romantic shows- Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. That will be pretty romantic, I think. Of course, this will be how I imagine my Paris holiday to be like. There is always ideal versus reality and I will update the reality of my week in Paris with E soon!

Also, it will be an opportunity for me to buy my push present! Heehee. Well, E has been “forcing” me to buy a particular bag and I am still considering the purchase. You know, with a new family member plus a domestic help coming and all, we really need to tighten our budget OR just earn more money. Okay, the second option is really better. 😛


After my fabulous dinner woth E, I returned to my sweet Baby Ryan! Woohoo! With him, that completes my awesome 28! (Anyways, I was wearing one of my favourite Maxi- Sleevess Leona Crochet Maxi from Spring Maternity!)


So, this birthday is pretty cool. There is the still quite a number of people wishing me ever lasting beauty(stay pretty and hot! or along the lines of yummy mummy….). These are the people who knows my heart! Hahaha. Yeaps, being a mother does not make me feel attractive all the time. Coincidentally, my friend, Eunice posted this article on Facebook which I thought I could strongly relate to…

After the birth of Ryan and all, after all the breast feeding and post pregnancy weight, I really noticed that I seldom like to be in pictures with Baby Ryan. My camera revolves around a new subject- Baby Ryan and sometimes E. However, in the article, it gave many reasons how it should not be like that and how I should not shy away from having pictures with my family. Because in the eyes of my babies(E, Ryan and my new baby), I am beautiful enough.

This is my favourite paragraph from the article:

“When I look at pictures of my own mother, I don’t look at cellulite or hair debacles. I just see her — her kind eyes, her open-mouthed, joyful smile, her familiar clothes. That’s the mother I remember. My mother’s body is the vessel that carries all the memories of my childhood. I always loved that her stomach was soft, her skin freckled, her fingers long. I didn’t care that she didn’t look like a model. She was my mama.”

Okie dokes, this is a long enough post. There is just so much awesome-ness around the world, so much love from family and friends. God, thank you for all these blessings!



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