ybike original

October 2012

E bought this yBike original for Ryan just a few days ago as it was on sale at Robinson’s. Hmm… this bike is supposed to help to develop a sense of balance and self control for kids. So, yesterday afternoon, it was the second time that Ryan tried playing with it. He was not very sure about it but E’s presence and assistance helped greatly and it was not long before Ryan could balance the bike himself and it was a joy to see both of my boys enjoying the 30 minutes session so much!


Initially, Ryan was not that keen on yBike. However, after making him watch several youtube videos of kids on yBike, he is much more excited about his new green bike now!

Here’s my favourite yBike clip. The japanese boys are so adorable! And the Japanese adults even use the yBike as a form of exercise tool! So, daddies can try it as well!



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