16 weeks and counting…

October 2012

As of 24th October, I turned 16 weeks, weighing 52.5kg. *sigh sigh* Dr Cheng told me that I should not be gaining any weight until my 5th month. Hmm…

I have not been using any stretch mark cream… just really too busy with Baby Ryan and work. For my second pregnancy, I haven’t got much time to really jot down bits and pieces of my thoughts about the pregnancy but that does not mean I am loving this pregnancy and baby any lesser! I am still enjoying this pregnancy- this gives me excuse to really gorge on food that I like- e.g. the Hillstreet Char Kway Teow that I had for about 5 consecutive days. That is pretty unhealthy actually but I have no choice! I crave for it all the time, even at this time while I am typing!

Will update on the gender of the baby on my next post! Heehee! Boy or girl?




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