Camping at Home!

October 2012

We bought this K’s Kids Pop Up Imagic Tent from Robinson’s a few week ago and Ryan is having great fun with his activity toy. This boy loves peeping out from the windows of the tent or playing ball throwing games in the tent. This activity toy is fold able  portable and it comes with a handy case!

Usually, when we reach home in the evenings, he will run into his tent to play with his Tonka cars or the colorful balls. We also brought in a small pillow and some stuffed toys in the tent. There are some nights when E and Ryan pretended that they were living in it. Imaginary games are fun and helps to encourage creativity as opposed to playing with the mobile apps or watching television. Ryan usually can be occupied with this toy for a maximum of 30-40 minutes before he wants our attention again. I suppose this is better than me reading to him over and over again because it can be quite tiring… woohoo.



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