Picnic on a cloudy day

October 2012    

Domestic Goddess with her handsome hubby planned a picnic at East Coast and we were invited! Woots! When it comes to anything planned by Eileen, it must be a sure-go event because she is one of the best planners for such things(E is actually good at such stuff as well!).

Despite the rather cloudy weather, she proved to to be true to her name again! In her Doraemon picnic bag, there was a whole lot of goodness- freshly homemade cakes, wine(atas can!), cheese, crackers, toys(she intentionally went to buy!) for the kiddos, yummy chicken wings(lovingly prepared by Jerry)…Of course, the guests did bring along their food choices as well- plenty of Japanese snacks, briyani, many Old Chang Kee items…

It was a fantastic late afternoon to evening. We enjoyed ourselves but I am pretty sure Ryan enjoyed the most. He played on his yBike, kicked the ball around, ran around chasing birds, fell down on muddied water and dirtied his top, screamed while we tried to clean him up, played with bubbles, got amused by Uncle Jerry and Daddy….

That night, he was so tired that he slept so soundly. With little but cute snores. 😛



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