Loots from Spring Maternity

October 2012




Like what I have mentioned in previous posts, I have gained considerable amount of weight this pregnancy. Hence, I really have to buy some maternity wear and I was quite pleased with my $400++ purchase of maternity dresses, shorts and tops from Spring Maternity. Amongst the loot, there were some nursing tops- not that I am nursing now but I will nursing Mei Mei in the next year.

My good(who happens to be smoking hot even though she is a mother of two) friend, Evie shared something which I concur. You know how usually after birth, women don’t really feel THAT great and THAT attractive especially when they are nursing. So, having beautiful nursing clothes does help to lift the spirits up abit. This is  something I cannot help but strongly agree. So, for this pregnancy, I am really not trying to stinge on such things(e.g. nursing wear) because I know I will eventually nurse my Number 2 till she turns 2 at least. In Ryan’s case, he only weaned off at 15 months… (-_-)”’

Of course, there are plenty of maternity stores that offers similar stuff. However, the material that Spring uses is really comfortable and soft. The designs(most of the new stuff) are pinky and floral- very very feminine which I like alot. It also helps that I have their discount card that allows me to save 10% of my purchases. Just saying… Woots!



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