October 2012

You know how kids are….monkey see, monkey do. My dear son is a big fan of Wiggles and he loves the episode on Circus where the Wiggles will perform stunts like juggling of balls, handstands and whatnot. Naturally, Ryan being a very curious boy tried to do handstands… and most of the time, with our supervision.

That fateful day, he performed the same stunt, on our bed, without our supervision and he ended up with a huge bump on his forehead. Naturally, he cried like a huge baby…and our hearts(and my parents when they saw it) broke upon seeing the bump. Who wouldn’t right? It did not help that all these happened on the day of the fashion show. Boohoo.

Still, he went ahead with it, with a bump. 😦 But still my perfect angel.

The bump did go away after a week of applying Zambak and plenty of TLC.



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