cooking with baby aden!

October 2012

Gone of the days of gender stereo-types… our boys are just into cooking as well!

 Went to beautiful Evie’s house over one of the October weekends as she generously loaned me some of her winter clothes! If you are wondering why I was so made up(with eyelashes and everything), it was because I had to rush off to Huiwen’s hens night after the visit. Even though I am pregnant, I did not really want to look THAT momsy.

Anyways, back to my main topic. Aden’s home is like a kid’s wonderland- filled with cool toys. My dear Ryan was so excited when he first stepped in. Evie obviously did a great job in stimulating Aden with so many educational toys and books! Heehee. It was a pity that we had to rush off after less than an hour….boohoo.

I suppose it wouldn’t be long before the boys visit each other at their respective homes in December!



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