Santouka and Polliwogs(Robertson Quay)

September 2012

One of my backdated posts because there are just too many happenings and I am just too busy. Bah.


E recommended me his new ramen place- Santouka at Clarke Quay and we are addicted.
In fact, we returned to have ramen at Santouka at Cuppage Terrace in less than a week.

The pork cheeks are so amazingly fatty and salty!
Everything about the ramen from the soup base to the noodles to the pork cheeks is so mind-blowingly awesome!
Even Baby Ryan is a fan.

Cannot wait for E to bring us back to Santouka again!


Baby Ryan is a member of Polliwogs and we always went to the one at East Coast. That afternoon, just because we were in town, we decided to try out the Polliwogs at Robertson Quay and wow, it was awesome! The stuff they have Robertson Quay is much different than the one at East Coast. Not sure if it is just the novelty thing but I just feel that the stuff at Robertson Quay was just more age appropriate for Baby Ryan.

That afternoon, both of my boys had great fun together. Heehee.


Just looking at Baby Ryan and the smile of his face just makes everything all so worth while… 🙂



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