Our 3 day 2 night camp at Parkway East Hospital

November 2012


The whole family has been staying in Parkway East Hospital for the past two nights. In fact, the whole drama began on Tuesday evening when Ryan was feverish.  His temperature hovered around 38.5 to 39.0. There were no other symptoms except fever and so we thought it will go away after a while. It did not help when Baby Ryan is at his picky stage- he is absolutely picky on what goes into his mouth and will actually voice out his unhappiness by saying, “No…no…no”. So, you can imagine how I was trying to feed him his fever syrup via a syringe while he struggled and spat most of it out. It is frustrating trying to reason with a baby who thought that the syrup was vile as poison! Thankfully, we found some panadol suppository for Ryan. I supposed it was uncomfortable and still….

Come Wednesday morning, the high temperature did not subside and we were very worried because there were another symptoms and Pasir Ris (with the ten million condominiums building next to us) is a spot for dengue fever totally. To make things worse, E was also feverish. We decided to head to KK Hospital with a sick baby drifting in and out of sleep, whimpering and calling me “Mama” and a feverish driver. We reached the hospital and while E was parking the car, I went off with Baby Ryan to register and there he puked on my shirt and pants. We had a change of clothes for him but none for me. Lesson learnt: Always have a change of adult clothes in the car. Thankfully, we could use the shower room and  Kk hospital provided me with some kid’s hospital clothes. Not the most glam with the missing buttons but enough.


Okay, so that was the picture of us after Ryan’s puke fest 1. When it was our turn to see the doctor, she advised that Ryan go for his blood test, urine test and take his blood pressure before she could conclude anything about his fever. Omg..
the urine test was okay. The nurses just placed some plastic bag on his privates. It was the blood test that set me tearing… the nurse had to prick his finger and have blood dripping into a small container until it was enough. Ryan howled and my heart broke as I had to be the one restraining him. *sigh sigh* He kept calling me “Mama Mama” and I felt that I was totally betraying him. When it was finally enough, the nurse had to plaster the finger but his blood totally soaked through the first plaster. 😦 It took them some time to stop the bleeding and then the second plaster was put on.

By the time we finished the blood test, E started feeling more sick as well. After breakfast, E was pale and his forehead was starting to feel warm. Ryan pooped and yes, his urine bag was stained. It never rains but it pours fits the situation to a T. Cleaned up and put the urine in the container before we went to take blood pressure for Ryan- abit on the high side but possibly due to his hysterical crying.

After all the tests, we settled and fed Ryan milk. E went to use the washroom and yes, Ryan merlioned on me. On me again!!! This time round, we did not have spare clothes for him and the good people from Kk were very helpful and calm. In fact, my opinion of Kk hospital and the staff is very high now. They are really helpful and efficient. So, we cleaned up again and changed into hospital garb.


Finally saw the doctor in our pitiful state and she told us that we should go home to rest and give Ryan a stronger dose of suppository and Ryan’s fever should be better. She was also nice enough to prescribe E some medicine albeit unofficially. We got home in the afternoon- rested, took the medications. This time round, I have two feverish boys at home. E’s temperature went up to as high as 39.5! His parents came and sent him to Parkway East Hospital and his doctor then decided to admit him because his temperature was dangerously high and his blood pressure was extremely low and it could be dengue. His doctor also advised that Ryan be admitted as well.

In the end, my brother and my mother sent Ryan and I to the hospital and Baby Ryan was admitted as well because of similar symptoms. Bah. Oh, before Baby Ryan was admitted, he puked on me again while I was registering for him! Seriously! Thrice is a charm. What really made me unhappy was that the administrative staff at Parkway East made me and Ryan wait in our puke infested clothes for at least 30 minutes before they could bring Ryan to his bed and get him changed. Totally inefficient for a private hospital. (We only have chosen Parkway East based on convenience of location.)


Finally, Ryan got his rest at 1ish in the morning after his shower and pediatrician visit. E was no better, he was put on drip and came to visit us.


The night shift nurses at Parkway East were fantastic though- they were very meticulous and caring. They checked on Ryan’s fever every 2 hours. They helped to bathe Ryan in the morning and evening. Despite all these, my stay was not as pleasant- it was so tiring as Ryan was sick and whiny and we were stuck in an enclosed area and I had to do everything myself(changing diapers, making milk and feeding Ryan, entertaining him…) Of course, there were times when Ryan could occupy himself for a while… it helped when my mother brought along Ryan’s storybooks and toy cars. It was certainly not helpful that I am pregnant and feeling extremely tired.


We managed to discharge from hospital on Friday evening and my parents came to drive us home. Ryan was supposed to be better and E was supposed to stay longer though. However, this morning, Baby Ryan broke out in rash- like his whole body is dotted with red and brown spots. We went to see Dr Malathi from Happy Baby Clinic at East Shore because she was Ryan’s pediatrician when he was hospitalised and we were leaving for Paris next week and did not want to leave my parents with a sick baby. Apparently, Dr Malathi said it was common symptom of the viral fever- it was some false measles or something. We left the clinic, thinking that everything was going to be fine when Ryan puked again. Now, he is feverish at 38.7 and sleeping while I am crossing my fingers. 😥

It is strange how he is averse to drinking water. He prefers juice, Pedialight or drinking water from the tap while he is supposed to be bathing like the picture below….




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