Updates from Paris

November 2012

This morning is one of the rare mornings that I am not lying on the awesome hotel Tempur mattress. It is 5.23 in the morning, the air is freezing cold outside and I can hear E’s deep breathing. He is obviously deep in sleep. I just packed most of our shopping loot, finished a Korean cup noodles and decided what I will be wearing later in the day.

Today marks our 4th day of our honeymoon/babymoon.  So far, it has been awesome. I suppose both of us needed this time together, away from Singapore and having some “us ” time. I am so glad that E persuaded me to go on a couple trip. Having my family support helps a lot as well.

The days leading to Paris were painful. I felt so terrible leaving Baby Ryan in Singapore. I have wept buckets on the day before and on the actual day we left.  I think Baby Ryan also felt something as well- hence he was extra “sticky” to me weeks and days before we left.


Omg. How can anyone not love him? Anyway, E thinks that I am overly reliant on Baby Ryan and vise versa. I enjoy Ryan’s company because he constantly validates my importance and he loves me wayy too much because I pretty much give in to him about most things(Not exactly the best parenting style, I know.). Anyway, we do see Baby Ryan on video everyday via some app called Tango. So, here’s to the wonders of technology. But still, both of us cannot wait to see Baby Ryan and my family on Saturday.

I really think taking such short couple trips is important. Really. Sometimes, the humdrums of daily family/working life can be quite a toll on relationships. The thing is that being with E on this trip is just beautiful. I remember once again, why I married this man- because he is kind, caring, careful planner, generous, witty, great sense of humor, patient and so much more. During this 4 days, we talked a lot about random stuff- sometimes about Ryan but most of the time, very random issues.


He is able to lead me to many Parisan addresses (I am not referring to the Chanel or Louis Vuitton stores.) very easily via metro. Up to today, I am still very confused by the metro routes and the French sounding places. Because of my pregnant condition, he often plan the itinerary with me in mind, having frequent hot chocolate breaks and making sure that I eat (all the time, way too much sometimes…). Holding hands, walking down the gardens of Luxembourg can be really quite romantic. And yes, I agree that Paris is still very much the city of love. Heehee.

Okay, this is it for a short update. Today, E will be bringing me to some fancy macaroon cafe. He planned a macaroon making session but it fell through. Bah…. but is okay. We can use the money to buy macaroons back home!!!

With so much ♥♥♥,
from us in Paris.



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