before flying back to Singapore.

November 2012

We are flying back today. Majorly excited to see Baby Ryan. I am not sure of he feels the same. He looks extremely happy to be at my mother’s place, having the adoration and company of my family. Heehee. They are so going to miss him when we take him home.


This is a picture of him on the first night that we flew off. He was in Kimberly’s bedroom, trying to stay awake, thinking that we were going to pick him up. Apparently, after much fussing and tears, he managed to fall asleep. Thank God for my mother- I can totally trust her handling Baby Ryan.


See! He did fall asleep on the first night, albeit whimpering, “Ma ma…  Mama” in his sleep. 😥


Right now, E is deep in sleep again. Cannot really blame him. Tempur mattress is this awesome. Every night, we return to the hotel, exhausted from the walking and shopping. Every morning, our bodies just automatically recharge from sleeping on this seductive bed. Of course, we are so tempted to buy a Tempur mattress when we return to Singapore. However, not sure if the whole Tempur thing will work in a hot and humid Singapore.

Finally finished our packing last night. Crazy packing possibly due to the heavy winter clothes. Heehee. We did not managed to buy too many things. There are some regrets(too much hesitation) on my side… now, I am crossing fingers that I will have some time to shop at the DFS. E thinks I should join shopaholic anonymous. But, my argument is I am only 28 once! Soon, I will be 30 and maybe more mature and less material. Heehee. Not exactly the strongest argument but I doubt he was listening.

There are so many things that I am happy with this trip. Number One will be E. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Just let me gush like a 15 year old please!!! Just the other day, we went to retrace the walking trail of Jesse and Celine in Before Sunset. It was so cold and we were looking for the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. We walked for a long while because we forgot to note down the address. We searched the main streets, the small sidewalks but we could not find it. We tried asking some Parisan shop owners but due to language barriers, they pointed us to Gilbert Jeune(ala Kinokuniya in Singapore). Just when we thought of giving up, we found the bookshop. Omg. It is such a treasure in the midst of everything- the bookshop was quaint, unique and oh-so gorgeous. We spent some time browsing the books before deciding on getting a book for Ryan. It is Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal Iggulden. Well, of course Ryan is unable to read it now but he will and he can in near future. The book is full of interesting ideas, history and facts that little boys will appreciate.


We also went to the park that was featured in the movie- Promenade Plantee, a linear garden. It is things like that I love about E. He plans everything for the trip. Seriously, I have very little inkling on what would be happening in Paris. E just told me to prepare the bags and shopping list and voila, there is my ideal itinerary because he knows me well enough.



I will try to update with the photos from my camera soon. When we return to Singapore, December is going to be packed- my domestic helper will be arriving next week (please pray for us that she will be an efficient and kind person), there is my dad’s and E’s birthdays, my family will be flying off to Barcelona for 2 weeks(omg… I will so miss my Mummy. :'(), E will be down for reservist for 2 weeks, Christmas preparations and some pending work stuff to complete. All these while I am heavily pregnant trying entertain an active toddler. Not the most ideal situation but I will survive. We all do.

On the brighter side, it is December. Christmas again. The season of love. The festive of giving. December is going to be packed, but in an awesome way. Cannot wait to spend time with Ryan and E.

always and forever



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