City of Love: Paris Day 1

25 November 2012

It was about 7 plus in the morning when we reached Hotel Legend.

Here’s us, at the hotel lobby before heading out for breakfast. We could not check-in yet as it was wayy too early and we could only check in at 4pm.



As it was so early, there were not many shops opened. After walking for sometime, we found this Chinese-French bakery that was opened for business. The salmon sandwich is really yums!





Gardens of Lexembourg

Just like 10 minutes walking distance away, it was the Luxembourg Garden. It is a really huge garden and we were there at around 9 in the morning and it was already bustling with activity. There were plenty of runners and apparently Tai-ji is super “in”. We noticed groups of people, both young and old practising the martial art.





After our breakfast and walk in the gardens, we returned to the hotel, thinking that we should get ready to go for our lunch and Segway tour which would start at 2pm.. When we got to the hotel, we Tango-ed home and saw Baby Ryan. He was looking rather melancholic and sad. Boohoo.

The hotel staff then told us that our room was ready and we chould check in before 4pm. That was great news to us(to me) before I totally needed to just slack in the room before we roam around the streets of Paris.




Our room at Legend hotel was small, but really cosy. The main attraction of the room is the Tempur mattress. Omg. E and I can go on and on about how awesome the bed is. It is the reason why we often oversleep every single morning/go to bed early every night.Other than that, the room is functional- with hot water and television.







Took a train to our Segway destination.


Lunch was at Mac Donalds’. Actually, we were both not very hungry because of our heavy breakfast. I am always very interested to check out the different Mac Donald’s menu in different countries. Surprsingly the Mac Donald’s in Paris was really crowded. Foodwise, really not impressive. E had some bacon bagel meal and he mentioned that the bagel was underwhelming. I had some latte, it was comforting to have a hot drink in the cold weather.


Went to Fat Tire that Segway tours however, we/I was rejected because I am pregnant and the Segway may be dangerous for pregnant ladies and insurance does not cover people like me. Boohoo. Next time, maybe.


There was nothing much to do on a Sunday afternoon because most of the Parisan shops are closed. Returned to the hotel to have a short nap before dinner. When we woke up again, it was 12 midnight in Paris. So crazy- but must be THAT jetlagged. Had some cup noodles and went back to bed again. Quite an uneventful Sunday but totally relaxing for two working parents. Heehee.




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