Mobile Update: E’s 33rd Birthday Party!

December 2012


Thanks to everyone who sent E well wishes on his 33rd birthday. And more importantly, we really appreciate the presence of the family members and E’s childhood friends at the surprise birthday party. All these would not be possible without the love and friendship you share with E.

Once again(if you recall, Baby Ryan’s first birthday was held at the same venue), we had our small gathering of 22 attendees at 5 Drunken Rabbits. This restaurant is perfect for such social gatherings for our family. Will update on the meticulous manager and service staff on another post.

E is an awesome person. He is my yang to my yin. He is kind hearted, makes me laugh, encourages me when I am down and always tries to make me feel beautiful(especially when I am like a whale for this pregnancy).  Baby Ryan, Meimei and myself are blessed to have him as the head of our family. ♡♡♡

Lao Gong, Happy 33rd Birthday. Jia you for the next ten years. Heehee. We will be looking forward to spend the many many birthdays with you in the years to come!



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